Arisen from the Forest Floor


Informed By Nature


Highly influenced by my years in Japan, my work is informed by nature. The power of our mountains, oceans, seas and seasons. I am called upon to interpret the grace and elegance of the trees, plants, flowers, and earth. Although I name each completed canvas, I leave the interpreting to my collectors and viewers. They are abstract and we all have a story!

My technique mirrors my own search for personal meaning. Starting with an imprimatur surface, I layer acrylic paint by each color’s individual density, using various mediums to extend or “explode” the paint. Each painting was envisioned from canvas to frame, and the frames are made from fine woods, crafted in my studio. My ultimate goal is the viewer see something in my work that resonates within their own lives and experiences.

I wish you all joy,


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The Dorothy Romo-Manning Studio and Gallery

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