Arisen from the Forest Floor


Informed By Nature


I admit, my life is rich beyond measure. My early compass was steeped in the Japanese culture. A culture of art, history, and fantastical lore. I still dream and paint about these memories, but now in my final quarter of life I find myself in this magical place, Taos, New Mexico. I am astonished the art I create from the romantic love I feel here in Taos lives in homes across the United States. But I live in Taos, where America comes and finds our art!

My work is informed by nature, the beauty, grace, fury, something so far beyond myself. Things I see and feel applied to canvas, wood or metal. My painting technique is chemistry, and regardless of the endless thought and preparation of each subject the control is in the technique itself. The density of the paint, how I manipulate the weight, or apply fire to tease out the lighter colors, the result always holds surprises. My subjects give me the clues about which colors to use but they are always applied in layers from light to heavy, using transparent glazes to add intensity or mood. I desperately want my paintings to feel and look spontaneous and energetic but I often work and re-work a canvas many times before I feel satisfied with the result.


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The Dorothy Romo-Manning Studio and Gallery

211 Cruz Alta Rd

Taos, NM 87571

Call or text: (505) 231-2009